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This is peach pie in a jar! First, they take locally grown peaches and combine them with their select spices to create a unique all natural juice. It is then blended with their over-proof “shine” to create a flavor that is reminiscent of those weekends spent at Grandma’s house.

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California is known for its warm weather and cool beaches during all four seasons. Therefore, it made sense to create a drink that can be enjoyed year-round. That is exactly why Le’MOON’ade was created. This truly refreshing and thirst quenching, Le’moon’ade Cocktail is sure to create memorable, yet relaxing moments with friends.

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They use all natural, locally grown ingredients to produce their Vodka. Their main ingredient is sugar cane, which gives their vodka a hint of sweetness. Distilled six times for optimal smoothness and taste, this is California’s own: Vodka!


Their whiskey, like all whiskey is distilled mostly from corn. But they also add their special barley blend. It is then aged with charred American oak. Distilled 4 times over, the bourbon whiskey is smooth and warm. It can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a wide variety of cocktails.

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Are you looking to do something different today?    Try a distillery tour. 
As the world’s thirst for quality corn whisky, cocktails and bourbon grows, the state’s distilling industry also continues to grow, offering new and improved visitor experiences. New distilleries are popping up all over California, But there is currently only one in Temecula and we have made it possible for you to get a behind the scenes tour and tastings of their take on quality spirits.

Their passion for making distilled spirits dates back to the 19th century. Starting on the East Coast in the late 1800’s and slowly moving toward California, Their family has influenced many people spanning across time and the United States map with their spirits. With each generation teaching the next, they have been able to preserve historical family recipes, and are excited to finally share them with you.

From varying recipes and yeast strains to levels of barrel char and age, each distillery practices the art of making spirits just a little differently. You will find a unique experience in the staff and tastes of your tour as you take in the magic that is making spirits so popular again here in the United States.


The Moonshine is hand-made with 100% estate-grown barley and corn which is distilled four or more times from an old school reflux still in the same traditional manner as moonshine is being made till date. 100 proof uses a completely natural, personally owned recipe for highest purity, taste, and quality. A completely versatile spirit, you can relish your taste buds with it completely neat or on the rocks or with a complete range of mixed cocktails.