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Looking for a great date idea try wine tasting near me in Temecula Ca. The wineries near me are perfect for a special day out with family and friends.

​Wine tasting tours Temecula Ca. by Little bus tours are guided tours.

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Little bus tours is the perfect choice for wine tasting, brewery tours and distillery tours in Temecula Ca. We have open & private tours for 2 to 20 people. Our tours take you on an adventure through Temecula where you will engage in a true wine tasting, brewery tasting or distillery tour experience.  Your knowledgeable and engaging little bus tour guide starts you off with a toast to begin your adventure. Along the way sharing fun information about everything you didn't already know about Temecula and the culture of wine tasting, beer making and local sprits along with the historical significance of the valley, and why grape cultivation flourishes in the Temecula Valley appellation. You will visit three unique and breathtaking wineries, or travel in town to unique local breweries and or the distillery. While at these locations you can interact with the knowledgeable pouring staff and depending on the type of tour even get a behind the scenes tour of the process. 

 Sample anywhere from 5-6 different tastings at each location throughout the day.  

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